Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows

Impact Windows

We have seen our fair share of hurricanes in Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

The severe weather that we experience creates the need for hurricane preparedness.

Window Doctor’s Impact Windows

When you are looking for robust protection, Window Doctor’s windows offer an ideal solution, providing unparalleled defense against harsh weather conditions.

Our hurricane-impact windows are created to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Our windows are constructed using advanced technology that combines strong, impact-resistant glass with durable frames.

Stress of Hurricane-Force Winds

This unique design ensures that the windows remain intact even under the stress of hurricane-force winds and flying debris. While offering superior protection, our windows maintain an appearance that elevates the aesthetic of your home.

Despite the conventional look, these windows are far from ordinary. The impact glass in our windows consists of a three-layered system, including two sheets of glass with an inner shatterproof membrane.

This structure is precisely engineered to effectively absorb and disperse the energy from high-velocity impacts.

Meet or Exceed Florida’s Building Codes

Our windows meet or exceed Florida’s stringent building codes established to handle these natural challenges. By installing hurricane-impact windows, homeowners not only comply with these regulations but also gain significant peace of mind and, often, lower homeowners insurance premiums.

Choosing Window Doctor’s windows is more than just a purchase; it’s an investment in the safety and security of your home.

Don’t wait for hurricane season to consider protection with hurricane-impact windows. Let us help to fortify your home with the best impact windows on the market today.